ONYX P-1500

ONYX P-1500 is a PMA based pour point depressant/ flow improver that provides the most cost-effective solution to keep your automotive lubricants flowing in cold.


ONYX 7040

With long-chain alkylbenzene sulfonic acid as a main raw material, super overbased synthetic calcium sulfonate is produced by neutralization and super high alkalization reaction.

ONYX 7072

Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate is one of the series of lubricant additives produced by us. It’s mainly made from long-chain linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid by means of neutralization and high alkalization reaction.

ONYX 7900

ONYX 7900 (Polyisobutylene Succinimide) is an ashless dispersant prepared from highly reactive polyisobutylene (Mn=1300), with better detergency capability, it can inhibit the carbon deposit and the formation of varnish film.


ONYX 7900HN is a polyisobutylene succinimide ashless dispersant.It is generally used with additive packages in lubricant applications.

ONYX 7900b

ONYX 7900B is a borated polyisobutylene succinimide ashless dispersant made by using a highly reactive polyisobutylene (Mn=1300) as raw material.

ONYX 8084

This is a kind of widely used lubricant additive of comprehensive performance, it has extremely good acid neutralization capacity, better antioxidation, abrasion resistance and larger base number than the similar products.


ONYX 305

ONYX 305 is an ash-less butylated octylated diphenylamine antioxidant that is suitable for use in a broad range of mineral and synthetic based lubricant formulations for automotive and industrial applications.



ONYX 3232

ONYX 3132 is a multifunctional oil soluble molybdenum dithiocarbamate (MoDTC) which acts as a friction reducer, antiwear and antioxidant agent in variety of formulations.

ONYX 7002

ONYX 7002 is Zinc Butyl Octyl Primary Alkyl Dithiophosphate (ZDDP). This product features excellent oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, particular high thermal stability, and favorable oil solubility, additive compatibility, and resistance to emulsification.


ONYX LP 5125

ONYX LP 5125 is a cost-effective viscosity modifier manufactured by dissolving an Olefin Co-polymer in Group-I base oil. This high quality product is designed for use in the formulation of multigrade oils meeting the stringent performance requirements of modern diesel and gasoline engine oils as well industrial lubricants.


Olefin co-polymer (OCP), intended for use as viscosity improver (VI) in lubricants. Excellent thickening power with low treated cost.



ONYX AF521 is a polydimethylsiloxane, a polymeric organosilicon compund which is ideal to be used as defoaming agent. Very small quantities of the fluid are very effective in controlling foam, especially in lubricating oils.