ONYX 89000

ONYX 89000 is an optimized and cost-effective additive system designed to help blenders to rationalize their production of CI-4 performance oils but also the production of lower API performance oils.

ONYX 89700

ONYX 89700 is a versatile additive package designed for formulating heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engine oils. It provides a higher level of protection against soot-related viscosity increase and extends oil drain intervals.


oNYX 51000

ONYX 51000 is a dispersant-inhibitor additive package designed to formulate gasoline and diesel engine oils for vehicles operating under severe conditions and heavy loads.

ONYX 51555

ONYX 51555 is a treat optimized performance package designed for mid-tier API categories. It exhibits excellent deposits, wear and oxidation control in severely operated gasoline and diesel engines.

ONYX 52000

ONYX 52000 is a high performance PCMO package designed for mid to low tier API categories from API CF/SF down to API SB/CB. It contains ashless dispersant, zinc dithiophosphate, metallic detergents and oxidation inhibitors.

ONYX 53000

ONYX 53000 is a field-proven engine oil additive system developed for mainstream gasoline and diesel engine lubricants, covering both top-tier and mid-tier API categories.

ONYX 57000

ONYX 57000 is a high performance PCMO package designed for main tier API categories from API SL/CF-4 down to API SB/CB. It also meets the performance requirements of JASO MA 2 for 4 Stroke motorcycle applications at specific booster treat rates.

ONYX 57300

ONYX 57300 is a versatile PCMO additive package designed to meet the lubrication requirements of gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines which are sometimes susceptible to Low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) events.

ONYX 57500

ONYX 57500 is a Mid-SAPS crankcase oil additive package which meets the stringent performance requirements of ACEA C3 and API SN.


ONYX 88999

ONYX 88999 is a balanced dispersant-inhibitor crankcase oil additive package designed to formulate heavy duty and gasoline engine oils for modern engines operating under severe conditions and heavy loads.

ONYX 89555

ONYX 89555 is a multifunctional performance package based on leading MID SAPS technology. It is a core package that contains the key building blocks necessary to formulate a wide range of engine oils.


ONYX 44000

ONYX 44000 is a multi-functional additive package designed to formulate Transmission and Drive Train Oil, meeting Caterpillar TO-4 and Caterpillar TO-4M requirements


ONYX 39000

ONYX 39000 is an additive package for four-stroke motorcycle engine oils meeting API SN and JASO MA2 (T903:2016). performance levels.


ONYX 69000

ONYX 69000 is a versatile core additive package designed for use in combination with ONYX 69300 or ONYX 69800 to formulate Trunk Piston Engine oils (TPEO) and System Oils (SO).

ONYX 69300

ONYX 69300 is a part additive package for the formulation of trunk piston engine oils.